Monday, March 28, 2011


I want to welcome my new followers!  I also wanted to thank Little Boys are Made of Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails for hosting a blog hop!  Now, on with the blog...

Not too long ago I figured out I've only had cable/satellite t.v. for six years (total) in my life.  Three of those years was when I was a kid (only one as a teenager).  I find I get annoyed with the conundrum of "1 gazillion channels, nothing on to watch".  Plus, I'm too fidgety to sit for long periods of time, unless I'm not feeling well.  This was not the case when I was a child.

When I had cable as a kid, I would stay up for days (literally-- I think my record was close to five days with no sleep).  I would have rather watched t.v. than do anything else.  I was completely infatuated with Mtv and memorized every song, band, lyric, album and writer-- plus I had a huge crush on Riki Rachtman, the host of "Headbanger's Ball".  Don't get me wrong, I went outside and played, rode my horse, went to school and was an avid reader. But nothing topped my love for the boob tube.

As I grew, t.v. lost it's sparkle for me and I became extremely disinterested in the content.  It seemed to happen around the time the crew from West Beverly graduated high school. The show went on for seven more seasons but I lost interest.  It seemed that all the shows I became interested in were canceled all too quickly-- My So-Called Life is a prime example-- or I found them after they went off the air (yea DVD's).

Fast forward to life as an adult.  There was a ten year period where I had absolutely no clue as to what was on t.v.-- I'm aware now (thanks to the internet and friends) but still have no interest.  "The Marine" sometimes marvels at my complete disinterest in cinematic masterpieces such as "Ax Men" or "Top Shot". How I can  pass up such testosterone-filled rampages is beyond me!

My son is echoing my childhood pattern, in a more mild form.  He loves television, but I really can't say he would rather watch t.v. than do anything else though.  ("The Marine" may disagree with that statement-- and that's a whole other blog topic!)  When it comes to homeschooling I can say I'm glad Nate doesn't follow in my footsteps in that area!

Some days I wish I could sit down and watch all the "popular" shows so I could converse like a normal person.  But alas, I'm not wired that way. (I do watch "Bones"-- what kind of Anthropologist would I be if I didn't?)  I feel there is a lifetime limit for t.v. watching and I must have maxed mine out as a kid.  Maybe one day a show will capture my attention and renew my love for t.v., until then, I have the internet.


  1. Kelli...I'm dsgnmomonline (Janiece) and I appreciate your stopping by on Hop a Little Tuesday Blog Hop! I'm so glad to be featured and am enjoying all the new blogs I'm reading. Great blog, I too remember 90210 and that whole gang. My daughter (now 30) and I used to watch it together. See there is some redeeming value to that Zip Code! ha ha
    Take care and stop by often....

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  3. Interesting post, I rarely watch the TV these days.

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  4. TV is such a personal topic. I do watch TV but much less these days. Just too much to do with being a work at home mom and homeschooling. Thank goodness for DVR.

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